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How to purchase qualified hydraulic shearing machines from China?

Views: 1     Author: DURAMA     Publish Time: 2022-05-09      Origin: DURAMA

How to purchase qualified hydraulic shearing machines from China?

Now days international business is more and more popular. Chinese machines, with their high quality and reasonable prices are welcome by the users and customers all over the world.

However, how to purchase qualified hydraulic shearing machines from China?

As professional manufacturer, Nanjing Dura Machines Co., Ltd., focus on hydraulic shearing machines and press brake, here is my points:

1. First, from the hydraulic shearing machine photo, you may check if its design good. DURAMA shearing machine has two type, one is traditional  swing beam type, and another is guillotine vertical cutting type. Both types are with good design.
DRGS-1632 00

2. Second, you can see if their components are qualified or not. Qualified components not equal famous brand. Professional manufacturer, from long years production experience and customers feedback, they know better which components can help their machines work better. DURAMA shearing machines are popular by our end users and customers, many machines have been already serviced more than 12 years are still working well.

03 Shearing Machine

3. Third, you can ask their working video to check the machines working capacity, to see their cutting work pieces.

4. Fourth, check the technical data carefully, to see if the machines match with your needs. If you do not know how to choose suitable model, you may just tell your supplier the maximum thickness and the maximum length you need to cut, also the material to cut, such as aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel, etc.. Usually professional manufacturer can choose most suitable model for your job.

06 Shearing Machine

5. Finally, even from the outlook, painting details, you can see if the manufacturer is responsible to their quality. Who will like a machine with falling of painting? DURAMA shearing machine is beautiful in each detail.You will like it from the first sight.

02 Shearing Machine

Professional machines manufacturer is here waiting for you.


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