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  • Q How to choose suitable DURAMA hydraulic press brake?

    We need to know your maximum thickness & width of plate sheet to bend. For example, for standard 90°bending, your material is mild steel 4mm, and width is within 3200mm, you will need our press brake 100T3200. 
    To choose our standard press brake, simple NC, or more advanced CNC press brake, will be depended on your budget, your efficiency requirements etc..
    DURAMA is always trying best to supply most suitable machines, matching with your needs.
  • Q How to choose suitable top punch/ goose neck punch, single V die or square matrix die?

    A DURAMA hydraulic press brake usually will go with one set of standard 86° top punch and one set of multi-V matrix die. If you need special punch or die, during your conversation with our seller, you can inform us your needs, DURAMA will design special tools according to your requirements.
  • Q How to choose suitable DURAMA hydraulic shearing machine?

    DURAMA gives its hydraulic shearing machine model number according to the cutting thickness & cutting width. 
    For example, the maximum mild steel thickness 6mm, and maximum cutting width 3200mm, our model number is DRS-632. 
    If you need to cut stainless steel maximum 2mm and width 2500mm, you will need to choose double thickness capacity for mild steel, that is DRS-425.


We are DURAMA, DURAble MAchines manufacturer. 
DURAMA design and manufacture many metal processing machines, including hydraulic shearing machine, hydraulic press brake, hydraulic and mechanical roll bending machine, hydraulic ironworker, hydraulic press and mechanical power press etc..

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