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The First Foreign Customers‘ Visiting After The Epidemic

Views: 4     Author: DURAMA     Publish Time: 2023-02-10      Origin: Site

Just after we finished our Spring Festival holiday, Algeria customers visited us today,to test their finished shearing machine, press brake, and laser cutting machine before shipment.

The customers tested the machines, and were satisfied by the wonderful work. Although they speak Arabic, and this I donot understand, but their smile, their upright thumbs told me everything.

As a responsible manufacturer for metal processing machines, we know that our machines are not small value, they should have good quality to serve for our customers well, then they deserve the value. Best quality and customers' satisfication is always our pursuit. We are so happy to find our customers really like our machines. That is also why customers trust us and choose to cooperate with us for many years. 

We are lucky here to welcome our first foreign customers after the epidemic.  The customers are also lucky choosing us and find the machines work well. What's more, this visiting make us feel the spring coming, and we believe more and more customers will come to China Nanjing, visit our factory and buy our machines.

We are all here waiting for you!

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DURAMA design and manufacture many metal processing machines, including hydraulic shearing machine, hydraulic press brake, hydraulic and mechanical roll bending machine, hydraulic ironworker, hydraulic press and mechanical power press etc..

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