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JH21 (OCP) Series High Speed Pneumatic Power Press ( C-Frame )

DURAMA high speed CNC punching machine
  • JH21-200


  • 8462

DURAMA JH21 Series C-Frame High Speed Pneumatic Power Press


New DURAMA® Pneumatic press machine are one of the strongest power press on the market today. More steel in the c-section of the frame reduces what is known as angular deflection under full stamping loads. Larger flywheel, higher energy rating point ABDC, connecting rods and ball screws. New cast slide body with digital die height indicator and large flanged upper die adapter plate. Slide guides with taper wedge design, similarly as our straight side presses make sure long die life during production runs.
The JH21- 200 ton shows our standard I-PRESS control, with side safety guards, T-stand run station and T-slotted bolster and slide, all make it easier and faster for changing dies.
JH21-200 08

Standard Execution:

Heavy, one-piece welded steel frame is designed to resist deflection, providing more accurate stampings and longer die life. 


Fast-response hydraulic overload relieves the pressure of a tonnage overload in milliseconds, stopping the press immediately and protecting press and dies to avoid damage.

Wet friction clutch and brake provide long life, very low maintenance, and high performance even at high single-stroking rates.

•Steel welded frame with high rigidity.

•Motor with inverter.

•Combined wet friction clutch.

•Hydraulic overload protector.

•OCP-25/45: manual adjusting, scale indicated.

•OCP-45: optional elec. adjustment with digital display.

•OCP-63 superior: elec. adjustment with digital display.

•Rectangular hexahedral lengthened guide; OCP-315/400 with octahedral lengthened guide.

•Lifting balance cylinder.

•Imported dual solenoid valve.

•Electric forced grease lubrication.

•Balance cylinder: manual oil lubrication.

•Integrated panel ( included).

•PLC control of international brand.

•Contactor and button of international brand.

•CE safety specifications.

•Optional: air cushion, light curtain, automotive device..




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