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Angle Steel Flange Product Line

Square Duct Angle Steel Flange Product Line, angle steel cutting & punching machine
  • DRAF-30/50


  • 846200


Fully automatic angle steel flange production line,or CNC angle steel flange production line,is mainly for punching and cutting duct angle steel flange.The machine are designed to feed,punch,cut automatically in order to save labor and improve effciency.It’s cery fast,accurate and highly automatic.

Performance Features:

1.It’s a brand new design which can keep angle steel tailing less than 350mm.

2.It’s controlled by servo motor and its feeding dimensions are accurate.

3.It only requires to input the size of workpiece,distance between holesan how many holes to punch when programming,which is very easy to operate.

4.With production memory functions,the production orders canbi tracked and checked.

5.The new design mold can complete the angle steel switching within 5 seconds,with the durable punch.

Main Components:

1.Beijing Huade or hydraulic system from Taiwan

2.Cutter and punching die which are both made of Japan SKH51

3.Servo motor-driven feeding system

Performance Features:
1. The machine is with a brand new design which can keep angle steel tailing less than 350mm.
2. The machine is controlled by servo motor and has accurate feeding dimensions.
3. You may just need to input the size of workplace, distance between holes and holes quantity
to punch while programming, which is very easy to operate.
4. The machine has production memory functions, so the production orders can be tracked and checked.
5. The new design mold can complete the angle steel switching within 5 seconds, with the durable

Main Technical Parameters:


Working range





30,40,50 angle steel




1. Scale of angle steel to process: #3-#5 angle steel
2. Common punching sizes:big- sized: 9.5*13mm,small-sized 4.2-5.2mm
3. The number of punches which can be installed simultaneously: 2
4. Common length of angle steel: 6000mm
5. Machining accuracy no more the: 0.5mm
6. Feeding speed of angle steel: 15-20m/min

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